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5 young Electronic Producers that should be on your radar

...of course, cheap access to production technology does not guarantee creativity and innovation. Too many of those often very young musicians concentrate on imitating and recreating what’s already out there. But some of them don’t have to fear a comparison with well-established figures of the genre like FLUME, CARIBOU or JAMIE XX – they venture into new, exciting territory. We asked five of these young electronic producers how they stay fresh and innovative in this crowded environment.

Interview with Little Glass Men

In this interview feature, we chat with Ryan about his newest release, influences, navigating the digital music world and more.

The Beatforest

An Ecosystem of Sound | Told through an abstract web of deep-toned synths, unfettered sampling, and heady harmonics, "Until It's Gone" offers a step into the mind of San-Francisco's Ryan Claus (aka. Little Glass Men). Designer, producer, and self-professed 'Peter Pan' of the glitch-hop movement, Claus brings into being a project "upon which your drifting mind will capitalize."

Little Glass Men - The Flame

San Francisco-based producer, composer and graphic artist Ryan Claus is the man behind the experimental electronic music project Little Glass Men. His latest single, "The Flame," which is premiering today on Casablanca Sunset, is an avant-garde lo-fi electronic trip-hop tune that sounds like Portishead meets Flying Lotus.

Listen To Little Glass Men's Euphoric "The Flame" - ohestee

Little Glass Men is the lo-fi project of San Francisco based producer Ryan Claus. In August, he began releasing his new album, Until It's Gone, which reflects on the temporary nature of life and is being released story by story. The Flame is the fourth from the series and a wondrous journey of opiate seducing vibes.

Little Glass Men - "Humans are Special"

Little Glass Men has the ability to turn the world into a kind of Wonderland with "Humans are Special". The track has a magical vibe to it, reminiscing Disney movies, trip-hop, chillout and rap all at the same time. It makes you think of swirling visuals and an inherent innocence.

morceau du jour: Little Glass Men - The Flame

" is largely undisputed at Team Poule headquaters that his music is among the most exciting new sounds that hit our speakers this year. A vibrant mix of lo-fi grooves, vintage samples and live instrumentation - you might even spot a banjo in there - that creates an amazingly chill sound with a sunny West Coast optimism and freshness to it.

Listen/review: Little Glass Men - Cycles

"'s a peaceful retreat into an inner sanctum free from the megalomaniacal angst of the world. Resolutely escapist and almost mischievously playful, it’s the aural equivalent of stumbling upon a magical fairy dance deep in a verdant woodland somewhere, or something like that.