Clients consider Ryan an enthusiastic and engaging person to work with.

An autodidact and curious person at heart there is no one passion that drives me into creative frenzy. Whether it's plucking away at a charrango, analyzing letterforms or photographing mini-barrels you can be sure that I will bring creativity and freshness to your projects that beckon it.

Ryan Claus

I help people tell their story with graphic design and customized music. I excel at creating memorable brands and a unified visual language aimed to bridge the gap between customer and product.  I provide tailor-made music and audio for film, games, TV, and products that will ensure originality in an extremely competitive marketplace.

If you would like to license my music or art for use in your project please specify its destination (online ad, film, commercial, game) and your licensing budget.

I've had the pleasure of working with many businesses over the years from small tech startups to goliaths like Redbull and Quiksilver. No matter what the brief there is always one common thread weaving throughout: the clients need for effective storytelling.

Let me help tell your story.

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